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Germantown won the Harding tournament in the 8th grade middle school division

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Jonathan Bins (JB)


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Darrell Brown

Darrell Brown


Commentary courtesy of MrJBsDad

Germantown won the Harding tournament in the 8th grade middle school division. The championship game was against Harding Academy.  The first time Germantown played Harding this season was in an exhibition game, they beat them by 30 points. Well yesterday Harding had a game plan and came out on fire! They knew exactly what they wanted to do against Germantown. They knew what to do against Germantown’s press and they knew what to do defensively. They gave Germantown fits!  Honestly for a minute they just flat out played and out hustled Germantown. Harding basically led the entire game.  BUT! Germantown has a quite a few good players. They missed a lot of shots early and got a bit frustrated.  You could tell by the team chemistry they were very shook up. There is just so many of them on one squad, they kept on fighting.  They rose above there frustrations and just begin to play ball. That led to more hustling. The hustling led to more steals and the steals led to more points. Germantown ended up winning by 10.  The final score of the game was 52-42. Their team voted Darrell Brown and Dacota Stone as all tournament standouts. Jonathan Bins was voted MVP of the tournament by the team.

Great job Germantown.  MAM tournament…we on our way!

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