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Have severe weather plan ready for high school sports Friday

NWS weather sports

If you’re heading out to Friday night games, the National Weather Service is urging high school sports fans and athletes to have a severe weather plan in place before storms arrive.

They have a few suggestions to help you stay safe:

1. Be weather aware. – Know the forecast and what weather is expected. Check in with the 4Warn Storm Team to make sure weather won’t threaten your plans or game.

2. Scout out available shelters. – Know where you and your family will go in advance if severe weather becomes an issue.

3. Know the school’s severe weather safety plan.

4. Hear thunder? It’s time to get to a safe place. – Metal bleachers are a dangerous place to be in a thunderstorm. Sheltering under trees is not safe either. Get inside a building.

5. Take action. Don’t wait to be told. – If you don’t feel safe, seek shelter. Use good judgement.

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