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Hayes Kent Memorial Basketball Tournament 14 and under Championship

Commentary courtesy of Gavin Harvey

Today was an unpredictable seeding that took place at Bolton High School for the Hayes Kent Memorial basketball tournament between two unlikely matchups between to the NPAC Redhawks and the MUS Owls. This was my first time seeing Dillon Mitchell but before I get ahead of myself let me explain the journey that the Redhawks had to take to get to the championship game. Saturday they were tested in a close win over the Memphis Tigers 36-30 in which Kahari Harvey hurt his ankle in the second quarter. He would not return and the Redhawks hold on to win with big buckets from Brandon Johnson. Their next game on Sunday they faced St. Dominic Suns. St Dominic destroyed the Redhawks from the opening tip with excellent ball movement and dominant interior scoring. KJ Harvey was not effective and tried to play with a sprained ankle but wasn’t much of a factor at all (neither was the rest of the team). But today was an inspiring day. They beat the Collierville Dragon team pretty handedly by at least 30 ( I can’t remember the score). But the chance for revenge against St. Dominic was pretty amazing. The team played inspired ball and really pressured their guards into erratic play. The Redhawks got out and ran St Dominic to death and took advantage of their athleticism. Kahari played well. He got some and one’s and made his free throws and key steals with a total of 15 points. But the key moment of the game was down the stretch with Brandon Johnson hitting a big three pointer to increase the lead to 4 with 2 minutes left. St Dominic had two turnovers and had to foul for the remainder of the game. Redhawks won 43-40. Kerry Love played strong and Brandon Brown was huge in the first half. So the Redhawks had to face a MUS Owls team that they never seen before (neither have I) but I’ve been hearing great things about a kid named Dillon Mitchell. So tonight was a chance to see him for the first time. I must say the kid is a excellent point guard. Though he didn’t have an explosive game, his impact on the foor, his shooting, and ball handling ability is of the elite guards for his age and grade. Kahari matched up well against him, holding Mitchell to 7 points but MUS had Mark French and David Nelson to deal with. French knived through the defense of the Redhawks and David Nelson was a monster down low. The Redhawks elected to go single coverage on him and he had his way. Kahari Harvey attacked him and drew 3 shooting fouls on Nelson and made all 6 of his free throws. He finished the game will 10 points in a blow out of 60 to 31 MUS. Congratulations to MUS Owls for their victory and beating of the Redhawks who showed courage but no poise when it counted in the championship game.

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