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High School Sports: Q&A with Jenks RB Cameron Booty

Jenks senior tailback Cameron Booty has rushed for 650 yards and scored seven touchdowns in his first season with the Class 6A top-ranked Trojans (7-0) after moving from Richardson, Texas.

Below is World correspondent Dylan Clem’s QA with Booty.

Q: Favorite NFL team?

Booty: “Dallas Cowboys.”

Q: You think they will make they playoffs and win that divison?

Booty: “Oh yeah, I’m not worried about that.”

Q: Who do you look up to in the NFL?

Booty: “I like Jamaal Charles from Kansas City, I like his game, you can put him anywhere on the field and he’s going to make plays. I like Dez Bryant’s game, Reggie Bush too.”

Q: Any pre-game rituals?

Booty: “I just stay calm, most people get all serious before a game and real quiet, I’m one of those guys that likes to turn the music up, jump around, and get everyone hyped up for the game.”

Q: Toughest team you have played so far?

Booty: “I would have to say its between (Euless) Euless Trinity and Union. I say that because Trinity I was back home around my family and stuff, plus Trinity is a great team. “Union, they came out strong, they wanted to beat us, and it was just a new environment for me.”

Q: How does the collection of talent in Oklahoma compare to the talent in Texas?

Booty: “It’s honestly kind of the same, everybody wants to win, everybody is about football here.”

Q: If this Jenks team went to Texas and played teams like DeSoto, Allen, South Lake Carroll, how do you think they would do?

Booty: “I feel like we would do good. I loved the fact that we played Trinity, I would have rather played Allen because when I was at Richardson we played against them and they beat us pretty good so I kinda wanted to get back at them, but I feel like we would have a lot of success down there.”

Q: Anything you wnat to improve in your game?

Booty: “Just seeing one cut and getting up field faster, I feel like I can get better at that.”

Q: Do they have you working on anything in particular?

Booty: “That right there, my coach always tells me that I don’t have to get a 20 yard run every time, some of the best runs are just 2-yard runs, so I feel like I just need to get that in my mind and just get those 2-yard runs and get the first down.”

Q: Whenever you moved here from Richardson to live with your dad, were you specifically thinking about going to Jenks?

Booty: “No I had no idea where I was going until I moved up and my Dad was like, `Well we live in the Jenks school district.’ ”

Q: So you were like that’s perfect for me?

Booty: “I didn’t really know anything about Jenks, I knew they won (some) state championships, but other than that I didn’t know really anything about them.”

Q: Do you have a favorite type of food you like to eat before the game?

Booty: “I like candy, I love sour skittles and fruity types of candy.”

Q: What is one goal you have outside of football?

Booty: “To get A’s and B’s and go to a Division-I college and make my parents proud.”

Q: I know (OSU coach) Mike Gundy was at the Broken Arrow game. Have you had any interest from D-I schools?

Booty: “Yeah, OU and OSU are looking at me. TU, Baylor and Texas are starting to look at me a little bit.”

Q: If Texas offered you a scholarship would you take it?

Booty: “I don’t know, I would just have to wait and see so I can weigh all my options.”

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