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How Hard Are You Willing To Work?

Just about every student athlete I’ve ever met dream of taking their talents to the college level.  It would be disgraceful and probably more embarrassing if a talented high school athlete did not play in college.

Aside from the college recruiting strategies that are required to gain the attention of college coaches, how hard, student athletes, are you willing to work to fulfill of your dreams?

Your willingness to work to improve athletically is not about just being the best in practice every day; paying the price athletically is what you do when no one is watching.

We all remember basketball legend Michael Jordan and we actually saw all of the incredible things he’s done on the basketball court.  What nobody ever saw is the work he put in to become that great basketball player.

We only witnessed the finished product of Michael Jordan when it came to game time.  To be that great for as long as Michael Jordan was, there had to have been something he did that no one actually witnessed.

Every high school student athlete or college athlete has it in them to go off in this private place where no one is watching and workout to the point where it would make the average man cry.

The problem is that many student athletes are not willing to work hard to the point where they are totally exhausted and feel like crying.

How many weights have you lifted today?  How many miles did you run?  How many hours did you put in today to develop your individual athletic talents?

There are a lot of high school athletes that are extremely talented; it seems they were born with actual talent and because of that, they are able to perform their sport at a very high level.

Those athletes are generally the ones who get to pick and choose which college they want to play for.  I’ve seen hundreds of these athletes where it seems athletics comes easy to them and where everything seems natural and effortless.

Some of these athletes feel as though they are not required to put the extra time in to get better. Those players will show up for practice and do what they’re supposed to do but that’s exactly where it all stops.

They never get any better athletically; this gifted player does not have the work ethic to improve or the discipline to work out on their own.  What generally happens is those athletes were good enough to get there, but not good enough to stay there.

High school student athletes: you already know the importance of having strong academic skills; the message of academics has been told to you over and over again by everyone.

Student athletes should also be aware of the effort they need to make to gain the attention of college coaches. That message is something they hear about daily, but work ethic is also message that you hear but are you actually working at this?

To enhance your athletic skills could require twelve months of serious work to improve your skills while no one is watching.

It is possible to be a good high school player and, for some, that may be good enough.  To become a really good high school athlete requires serious dedicated athletic work.

What I mean by work is when you are actually working-out: lifting weights, running, swimming, running up and down mountains, running on the beach, running down the street, shooting the ball a thousand times a day, jump rope, running the stadium stairs, proper hydration, proper nutrition, and proper rest.

To go from good to really good is going to require the kind of commitment I just described.  High school student athletes: are you willing to work?

Only the seriously dedicated-to-their sport student athlete will achieve long lasting success at the college level. Those who are not dedicated to their sport generally don’t last very long.

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