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ICYMI: High School Sports Rally For Feb. 21, 2014

Twins Blog: My Perfect Twins Moment

By Peter J. Nelson, WCCO

It didn’t happen during any of the division clinchers. It wasn’t at any of the playoff games. It wasn’t game 163.

My perfect Twins moment happened last night.

After Nishi went down last week with a fractured fibula, Luke Hughes was called up.

Luke had a promising spring but an even more promising name.

Let me explain.

Luke came up to the plate last night in the 4th with the bases loaded. The fans bellowed their typical “LUUUUUKKKKKE.”

Then, as if there was a voice calling from the stars above our heads, we heard a very familiar voice say “Use the Force, Luke.”

It was Obi-Wan Kenobi!

Luke heard him, focused and smacked a two run single into center field. He looked strong enough to pull the ears off a Gundark.

We need to keep this going. At Target Field, the Twins have only hit one home run this season. Last season they hit 52 home runs. The year before, at the Dome, they hit 96 homers!

Do you remember what happened when the Twins hit a homer in the Dome?  They played a theme from Star Wars. Just saying.

Hughes the Force, Luke. Hughes the Force.

lukesrock ICYMI: High School Sports Rally For Feb. 21, 2014

(credit: AP/Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) –  The massive winter storm that dumped up to 16 inches of snow in some parts of the state did nothing to stop hockey tournaments in the Twin Cities.

Despite travel advisories, teams showed up to play in important games. See all the highlights from the boys class A section 2 play.

Boys Hockey Section Games

The ASPIRE Athlete of the Week is Anoka High School’s Kyra Fredenburg.

ASPIRE Athlete Of The Week: Kyra Fredenburg

Mike Max recently took a trip to western Minnesota to see how basketball unites the towns of Belgrade, Brooten and Elrosa.

Three Towns United By One Team

The coach of the week is Melrose gymnastics coach Katie Masog.

Three Towns United By One Team

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