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Kevion Nolan

Kevion Nolan

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Kevion Nolan

List Academic Awards Achieved in School:


  • Elementary School Valedictorian
  • A Honor Roll


List any Athletic Awards that you have received:


  • Alabama AAU 2010 state free throw 11U champion
  • Alabama AAU 2010 state skills 11U champion
  • 2010 Alabama ARPA STATE CHAMPION
  • 2010 Team M.V.P.


Favorite moment(s) on court:

Game winning free throw with 0.1 seconds left. Winning State Championship.

One word that best describes me is:


Pre-game superstition:

Listening to music and praying.

My favorite quote/word to live by:

I can do all things through christ,who strengthens me.

In the locker room before a game/match,
I am the player that is:

Focusing and motivating my teammates

My advice to young players:

Always keep working hard on your game and focus on your schoolwork.

Ten years from now I hope to be:

A college graduate in the NBA or working in a field around athletics.


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Anniston, AL


Sacred Heart Catholic School of Jesus





Height / Weight:

5′ 3″ / 103

Favorite Athlete:

Rajon Rondo



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