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Major Basketball League Preview


Josh Exom – 2019 PG (Elmore Park) Josh is a Coach on the floor and the “go to” guy when you need a play. He his good handles at the point guard position and can score in bunches.

Rickey Lofties – 2020 PG (Elmore Park) Rickey is an excellent ball handler, that stays calm under pressure. His ability to see traps and back out them before being trapped is second to none. He has superb court vision and can take his man off the dribble.

Kavious Newsom – 2018 PG (Houston High) Kavious is one of the better freshmen lead guards in the Memphis area. He has good size and he’s a capable finisher at the rim. He has excellent ball-handling skills and is creative with his passing.

Carlos Sandifer – 2018 PG (Bartlett High) Carlos has blazing speed in the open court to get by most defenders. He plays both sides of the ball, as he’s a good on-the-ball defender. Sandifer is capable of knocking down long-range shots.

Kannon Trice – 2020 SG (Schilling Farms Middle) Kannon has good length for a shooting guard in his class. His size gives him the ability to shoot over smaller guard. He will be a deadly shooter from the perimeter once he gains confidence in his shot.

Kevin Wright, Jr. – 2019 SG (Schilling Farms Middle) Kevin is an extremely skilled combination guard with an excellent feel for the game. He can score at all levels, as well as run the point guard position. Kevin has crowd-pleasing flair to his game.

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