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MBL Week 4 Preview


Sylvester Thompson (Razorbacks)

Sylvester Thompson (Razorbacks)

1:00 Game: Gauchos vs Razorbacks
Both teams are missing players, Wayne Davis (Gauchos) and Joshua Exom (Razorbacks), but it still will be a competitive game. Sylvester Thompson was playing like the league’s MVP in previous weeks. He’ll need to have another good showing for the Razorbacks to win. The Gauchos will need to find a way to manufacture points. They have the guard play that can get the job done in Cameron Baker, Jeffery Hubbart, and Kameron Jones.

2:00 Game: Green Wave vs Hoyas
Coming off their first loss the Green Wave is looking to right the ship and get the win over the Hoyas. The Green Wave is a dangerous team once they figure out how all the pieces work together. I would like to see Antwarn Smith, Jr on the ball more and move Alvin Miles to the wing. Where he’s capable of knocking down the 3pt shot consistently. Zach Walden is another capable shooter once he gets going. Add in Tayson Parker, whose unstoppable, this team is made for a playoff run.

3:00 Game: The Irish vs Buckeyes
The Irish will be looking to continue their dominant play and finish Week 4 with a 3-0 record. With Kaeden Laws anchoring the defense teams find it difficult to score on them. The Irish had the lowest points allowed in the league to date. For the Buckeyes have a chance, Hunter Higdon will need to play physical against Laws. Try to push him farther away from the basket. The guards will need to look for opportunities to score.

4:00 Game: Volunteers vs Jayhawks
TaDarius Jacobs jumped on the scene in Week 3, leading the Volunteers to a 5 point win over the Bearcats. Jacobs had help with Cedric Franklin adding 12 points in the victory. Can they keep the winning streak alive? The Jayhawks’ Eli Federman may have a different plan. Federman can score and he can score in bunches. The Volunteers will have to find a way to contain Federman if not, the Jayhawks will run away with the win.

5:00 Game: Badgers vs Tar Heels
The Badgers are looking good and flying high with their 2-0 record. They are a tough team to beat. They have great guard play in Wynne Brown Jr., Jefferson Walker, and Matthew Murrell, plus add in Cameron Matthews any team in the league will have their hands full with this group. I don’t expect the Tar Heels to lay down. They have players that play with a chip on their shoulder. Matthew Kidd has a man’s size body that plays the game with that grit and grind style.

6:00 Game: Bearcats vs Hoosiers
This one should be interesting. Players on both sides know each other and each other’s game. So scoring might be a premium on this one. Great guard play on both sides. Someone will need to have a big game to get the win, either Chandler Jackson, Cartier Beverly for the Hoosiers or Craig Cunningham II, Bryson Potts for the Bearcats.

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