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Pure Magic Elite AAU Program



Pure Magic Elite AAU Program is a new name but the program itself is well known and has been around for over 5 years.

Originally known as Memphis Magic, Pure Magic started in 2007 and has a lot going on this summer. When asked about the name change, Coach Eric “Cowboy” Robinson said that the program changed its non-profit status and the word “Pure” stands for Progressing Under Restraints and Extremes.

The focus of the program this year, is to ensure the players get settled day by day. Robinson speaks highly of all of his players but some players like Malick Hicks from Jackson, Tn, stand out. Other notable players like Chris McNeil and Elijah Mayes are also players that the coach mentioned by name because of their skills and dedication on the court.

To say that Coach Robinson has a lot on his hands would be an understatement. There are four different age groups in the program alone and he is looking to expand later. Even though this particular program started in 2007, Robinson has been coaching AAU since 1999.

“We are just excited to work with the boys to help plan develop,” Robinson says when asked about the plans for the summer. He is even looking to add girls’ basketball program in the future. “Our Program is definitely still standing strong,” Robinson added. The teams’ motto, which can be found on their website is “Great athletes separate themselves with more than just talent, they work harder than the rest and have an insatiable appetite for success, which gives them their edge.”


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