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LATE RECAP: Superstar Tournament: Day 1 – Game 7 (Bobcats vs. Timberwolves)



The seventh game started between the Bobcats and Timberwolves. The Timberwolves are thirsty for a win as they kicked the game into gear with Trey Davis stepping up in a major way scoring baskets back to back. But he better be careful of Bobcats’ player Wilson as he seems to not leave anything slip. The game was tied 21 to 21 during the second half but Kahari Harvey scored back to back which broke the tie. With only 10 minutes to go, it seemed the teams are both hot with Rashad Williams, Bryan Lee and Ddallen Bailey hitting back to back 3 pointers. The teams fought until the last second as Trey Davis scores a 3 pointer bringing the Timberwolves one point short of winning. The score was 50-49 Bobcats’ game with lead scorer Harvey finishing with 15 points.

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