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RECAP: Superstar Tournament Game 1 (Tigers vs. Loins)

The Superstar Tournament at Lausanne Collegiate School kicked off at 11:00am with the Lions vs. Tigers.


Tigers’ Brandon Streeter and Nicholas Jackson Jr., were names that the crowd definitely knew as the announcer couldn’t help but repeat as they scored baskets back to back. The game was like tug of war with the fight for the leading score. But by the second half, the game was a close 27 to 30 with the Lions in the lead. The Lions had weapons of their own as Tyran Davis seems to be untouchable and was backed by Tyler Gentry a strong post player. With less than 2 minutes left on the clock, the tigers take the lead 45-42. Jalen Crutcher and Myles Guyton step up in a major way for the Tigers. The Tigers took this one 60 to 55 with the lead scorer Jackson scoring 22 points and Gentry with 17 rebounds.

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