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We All Can Go All Stars (W.A.C.G.) 6th grade team won the Real Deal

The We All Can Go All Stars (W.A.C.G.) 6th grade team won the Real Deal in the Rock championship in Little Rock, Ark over the weekend. W.A.C.G. used outstanding guard play as well as superior inside play to go virtually untested throughout the tournament. During pool play, W.A.C.G. soundly defeated the Arkansas Gladiators as well as the Wisconsin Playground Warriors. In the first round of bracket play, the juggernaut known as W.A.C.G. jumped out to commanding 52 to 10 halftime lead over the Enplay Elite out of Nashville. In the game against Enplay Elite, W.A.C.G. coasted to an easy victory, sending a sound message to everyone in Little Rock . Next up would be the well anticipated matchup with Team Penny from Memphis in the Final Four. Team Penny is a very guard oriented team that could not slow down the W.A.C.G big men. W.A.C.G. thoroughly out rebounded Team Penny as well as blocking shot after shot on the defensive end. The relentless ball pressure by the W.A.C.G. guards caused Team Penny to turn the ball over all game long. The final result of this much anticipated matchup was W.A.C.G. 68 ..Team Penny 35. In the championship game, W.A.C.G defeated the Seattle Rotary in a game in which W.A.C.G. lead from start to finish wining 52 to 38. Next up for W.A.C.G. will be the Tennessee state tournament in Whitehouse, TN May 13-15.

Team W.A.C.G. roster: Coached by Robert Lightning and Winston Garland

Alex Jones
Brant Sherrill
Gavin Schoenwald
Darius Garland
Gavin Lewis
Carlos Sandifer
Steven Fitzgerald
Danny Butts
Arecko Gipson
Brandon Davis

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