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Starting Point Guard Leaves the #2 Team in the Nation “Cali Style”

BREAKING NEWS! Straight out of the Cali Style Camp

For Immediate Release

Local Youth Basketball Phenomenon Leaves the #2 Team in the Nation “Cali Style” After a Huge Season of Success

David Jerome Singleton, III

David Jerome Singleton, III

David Jerome Singleton, III, better known as the Starting Point Guard, #23 on one of California’s Highest Ranked 2011 AAU Sanctioned 12u Teams Will Not Return despite History of Three Consecutive Winning Seasons

LOS ANGELES, August, 16, 2011-“WHAT GIVES?” The question that is circulating among the youth basketball community after a surprise absence of one of the most talked about leading point guards in the 12u Division residing in the Southern Pacific Region of AAU Basketball. This past weekend at the HAX 2011 Mid Summer Shoot Out many who know or at least know of David Singleton, were both surprised and dismayed by his absence as the players from Cali Style (now 13u) took the floor for the first time in history without their leader.

A former Coach on the scene who prefers to remain anonymous at this time stated “This could be the first time in the career of this kid playing ball, that he has missed a game”. That is a big statement as David has over 15,000 points, close to 175 assists, dozens of steals and rebounds, major defensive stops and key blocks demonstrated in over 750 games since the age of 3 ½ years old. “Everyone knew something was wrong.” he said, as the whispers, text messages, and phone calls began. “Where was David?” has become the pre-season 2012 buzz question in the youth basketball community of Southern California as plans for the upcoming season are underway.

Why do inquiring minds of the basketball community want to know? It’s simple, the accolades and contributions from this point guard dictate that every move that he the makes and the moves of all around him be newsworthy. David was initially introduced to club ball in 2009 after competing with a local all-star team “Herbal Life” out of Rancho Cienega Park, Los Angeles, CA. His debut at the time included a scoring monstrosity of over 40 points against the ARC 10s whose coaches were so impressed with his performance they actually picked him up for the additional man power and aggressive ball play needed beyond the local level of competition. In three seasons of playing with the same core of guards and a record of approximately 110-6; David has led his team in countless victories in Local, State and Regional levels as well as three AAU National Championship Titles. One 5th place title in 2009 as the team was known then as The ARC or ARC10s; another 5th place title in 2010 with the same core of guards under the name “Pump-N-Run”; and most recently as “Cali Style”, to win the 2nd place title in the 2011 Nationals.

No one can believe a coaching plan that would exclude this kid from being able to continue to contribute to his team and to the game of ball itself on the level of which he is able. David’s verbal and physical defensive intensity clearly sets him apart from the mere dribbling and scoring ability of most nationally ranked guards in his age group. In just this season alone on the road to Nationals, David led the Cali Style team to first place championships at the 2011 Martin Luther King Classic Basketball Tournament in Fort Wayne, IN (MVP), the 2011 NJ Basketball Spotlight Clash for the Cup Basketball Tournament in Neptune, NJ (All Tournament Team); where his shooting campaign; including 5 three pointers, helped to seal the number one spot.

This season also included the battles at the 2011 Next Level Basketball Showcase in Dallas, TX (MVP) and the 2011 Memphis War Eagle Invitational Basketball Tournament in Memphis, TN. In these bouts David faced guards and big men from well known rivals such as Indiana Hoosiers, Texas Celtics, DC Assault, Tulsa Bulldogs, Memphis War Eagles, Louisiana Primetime Select, AI9 Elite, Atlanta Knicks and Houston Elite. Facing the most competitive teams in the Nation this past season, David averaged 17 points, 7 assists and 5 rebounds per game.

Those who were there locally can testify to his hard work and elite skill set as earlier this summer in June at the Annual ACES Coca-Cola tournament, Orange County, CA; the last stop before summer Nationals took place. David was the starting combo guard for Cali Style in both the 6th and 7th grade divisions. David started in all eleven games over a 2 ½ day period, including six games on the last day-“Bracket Sunday”. In leading his team to two tournament championship titles at the same time David totaled 134 points with an average of 12.2 ppg. David’s shot selection demonstrated his high basketball IQ as his numbers included a shooting a percentage of 73.5% from the field and 90% from the free throw line. In two of the 11 games, David put up 21 points: against the Arizona Crusaders 6th grade division pool play in game 1 and 20 points against the San Diego Magic 7th Grade Division in the quarter finals in game 6. In two other games David shot 100% from the field: against Impact Basketball 7th grade division in the Semifinals as the team won in a 76 to 64 victory; and 100% from the free throw line against the Yellow Jackets in the 7th Grade Division Championship outscoring them 62 to 52. From the field David shot an impressive 15/18 or 90%.

Other stats from David’s tournament appearance include, an average steals of 2.7 per game and turnovers of less than one per game at 0.9. Statistics which exemplify the exertion of his dominant presence on the court as an upcoming point guard known for his ability to move the ball and his offensive attacks to the rim.

David is a vocal leader and was able to turn on an aggressive team defensive campaign upon request in this year’s Nationals in which he kept the opposing team’s primary scorer from a single made shot in the Sweet Sixteen (not quarter-finals) overtime defeat against the Atlanta Knicks. Cali Style was able to squeeze out that win partly because of David’s ability to protect each possession, create offensive opportunities for others, shoot well and eliminate the opposing team’s primary offensive threat.

Again after all of that……..WHAT GIVES? Why the exodus after years of success and team wins? According to sources that know of the conversations with Parents and Cali Style Coaches & Staff, the two parties have come to a point where there are irreconcilable differences in terms of which guards should be developed in what positions. There was also the issue of the nature and level of intensity that David was going to be allowed to exhibit as the Cali Style Coaches and Staff had a plan to move him to shooting guard in order to develop the skills of another player while looking outside of their guards for effective play this season, which some could argue was the philosophy that may have attributed to the loss at Nationals.

“We are just looking for the best fit for David. We are looking for him to play for coaches who want to have a balanced offense and who know how to utilize someone that can handle the ball, create offense for others or get it done his self. He deserves to be able to show his true talent and contribute to a more aggressive style of play while maintaining his status and increasing his development into one of the top point guards in the National Class of 2017.” His father and trainer, David Singleton, Jr. quoted at press time.

WHAT NEXT? David intends to focus on his training regiment and NCAA academic requirements in order to prepare for high school level competition. You can see him at the upcoming the PANGOS Camp for Lead Guards this weekend in Dominguez Hills, CA as well as the upcoming AAU Tournament League in Anaheim this fall. David has appeared in close to a dozen internet articles and currently has a 1-minute clip of tournament work on “youtube”.


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