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Superstar 3 (Game 2) – Bulldogs vs. Eagles

Clavin Temple with ball, being guarded by Jordan Johnson

Clavin Temple with ball.

Coach Eric “Cowboy” Robinson’ Eagles were up against the Bulldog’s in game 2 and hoped to keep that same momentum from what we saw in game 1.

Game 1 was a hard pace to keep up with, so the crowd could definitely see a difference in the adrenaline level in the players. Eagle’s Calvin Temple set the tempo of the game as he moved the ball steadily and under control. “Speed the game up, ya’ll!” says Coach Robinson and Temple and Jordan Hill did just that.

It was interesting to watch the way the Eagle’s guards seemed to be controlling the set ups. It’s slow to start and then as if every player were reading each other’s minds, the pace changed. The speed of the Eagles shook the Bulldogs. The game continued with the lead becoming smaller and smaller for the Eagle’s.

The Eagles took this one 62 to 58. Top Scorers Temple had an average of 19.5 for the entire day. Temple is in the 8th grade and hopes to one day go to Duke. He plays for White Station Middle and has been playing the game of basketball since age 3. His favorite player is Kevin Garnett and when asked about his performance, he says he feels pretty good. Rayshad Williams, Bulldogs, also finished the day with an average of 12.5 points

The Eagles did not win their second game against the Dragons later that day but still had a chance against the Lynx on Day 2. The Bulldogs won their second game of the day against the Lynx.

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