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The Greatest Win That Almost Happened!

1511779_986831968045917_7241685718711200202_oSunday, September 6 Week 4 of MBL action, the last game of the night pitted the Bearcats against the Hoosiers. You had all the ingredients of a highly competitive game. You had friends that are now on-the-court foe, teammates that are now opponents, and Summer clubs versus Summer Clubs. This game meant more than a trophy, it was all about “bragging right” and the memories these players will cherish for a lifetime. This game did not disappoint anyone.

The teams were evenly matched, as the score was close the entire game. You had players on both teams making big plays, but the biggest play came from Phillip Dotson hitting a clutch 3-pointer with his team down by 1 with seconds to go in the game. Dotson’s three give the Bearcats the go ahead win, 54-51.

The Greatest Win That Almost Happened! The Hoosiers had four players to foul out, leaving them to finish the game with only three. Tim Woods hit a lay-up to put the Hoosiers up by one point in the final seconds of the game with a chance to win.

Hats off to all the Players, Coaches, and Parents, this is a special group. I will enjoy following these guys as they grow in the game.

Craig Cunningham III: 15 points, 12 rebounds
Phillip Dotson: 14 points
Bryson Potts: 12, 5 rebounds

Cartier Beverly: 28 points, 7 rebounds
Chandler Jackson: 16 points, 16 rebounds, 4 steals


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