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Wakeup Call: Athletic director fired over gambling habit

This shot is of the UCLA student section just moments before the Bruins’ tip from Tuesday night. Just yikes. (via Sam Strong)

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Around the World

The oldest person in the world died Tuesday. We’re running out of 1800s babies. || Reuters’ choices for the best photos of 2012. I remain bothered because 2012 had 25 days left. || Everybody be sure to steer clear of the biggest black hole combustion ever recorded. || Honest trailer for The Dark Knight Rises is so funny it hits too close to home. || Speaking of Batman, here’s how they made his vehicles. || This one’s for the “Homeland” fans, who will find this sad and hilarious.

Layup Line

¶ The most unexpected read you could … expect. All I’ll tease you with: transgender college basketball.

¶ And we have even more updates to college basketball unis.

¶ By loading the pockets of the schools who come, the Battle 4 Atlantis has its sights set on becoming the clear-cut best November tournament.

¶ Travis Ford has Marcus Smart to thank for his job and happiness.

¶ You probably can’t name one player on the team, but don’t sleep on the Shockers. They’re reloaded and headed toward another NCAA berth.

¶ College basketball just lost another unique coaching character.

¶ Joe Nocera is on a crusade against the NCAA, which I can respect, but sometimes it seems like he doesn’t understand the issues at broad.

¶ A round of applause to the America East for this.

¶ Jeff Withey, yesterday and today the king of college hoops swat.

¶ I missed this from Clark Kellogg over the weekend, but I like it. Gracile! Clearly, Jim Nantz is confused.

¶ Tulsa AD Russ Parmley is Tulsa AD Russ Parmley no more, fired for gambling on college games.

¶ St. John’s isn’t good on the court, but great job by the team to get in the giving spirit at the crack of December.

¶ Do read on Jim Calhoun, Kevin Ollie and the situation that’s not getting easier at UConn.

Moving Pictures and Music

»» Someone please buy me this clock for Christmas.


Hadn’t listened much to the Gaslight Anthem record from this year. It’s called “Handwritten,” and the puffy-yet-emotional band brings it. The final track is a cover of Tom Petty’s “You Got Lucky.” This one, “45,” leads off the album. It’s a great one, dare I say the definitive Anthem anthem.

But better sense says / Hey hey, turn the record over …

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