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Wakeup Call: Not all Big East, but we’ve got plenty of that too

Big East commissioner Mike Aresco took his job less than a year ago. Will he see the change through? (AP)

Loaded batch of links today. Plenty to get you to that 5 p.m. release for the weekend. Even some reads you’ll want to save for Saturday or Sunday.

Around the World

The best sports memes of the past 12 months || As a Vermont boy at heart, welcome to my pain. || And since we’re talking about the skiing and the snow, here’s a beauty of a photo gallery of the heavenly white stuff. || More snowy things: look at the size of this tree in California. || The fact this actually happened made my Thursday. I’m all for injecting more nerdy things from movies and TV shows into real life, until someone actually creates a smoke monster.

Layup Line

¶ The one link you need to read above all others on the Big East today.

¶ A very good by-the-numbers look at who the Catholic could/should/would ask to join its league. Average attendance, overall wins, tourney appearances, the whole bag. Great job.

¶ Jeff Jacobs is getting a love of love for giving little love to the Big East in this editorial.

¶ Don’t forget — as if that’s possible — to realize the football money and BCS importance still in play for the BCS.

¶ Pat Forde sides with me when it comes to the rebellion of the Catholic 7.

¶ “From naked free throws to going AWOL for a Hall of Fame induction to berating a baseball umpire, it’s always something beyond the annual pile of losses that brings down the men’s basketball coach at Rutgers.” That’s how you start a column of criticism.

¶ I do want to spread around a lot of opinion and news on the Big East melting, but there are other good links to direct you to as well. For instance, how does one player feel now after almost dying last week?

Thursday’s best story that got overwhelmed and overlooked thanks to you know what.

¶ Which new version of the Big Ten divisional setup do you prefer?

¶ Here’s more on the Game of Change. This is my favorite game for the upcoming weekend.

¶ Teams that make you go “hmmm.”

¶ Ladies and gentlemen, this is how you guarantee yourself a link in the Layup Line.

Eric Adelson writes broad on the issue of not a transgender player in college basketball, but transgenders in general and society’s “reaction” to them. Do read it.

¶ Had no idea yesterday was the 35th anniversary of college sports’ forgotten plane crash.

¶ Mike Rutherford has a college hoops catch-up of sorts, and I really like it. Does video of No. 40 exist?

¶ Fantastic sorta-longread here on a former LSU player getting his degree. He’ll walk today. It’s not your typical back-to-school story. Bookmark it and get to it over the weekend.

¶ Jim Boeheim’s weighted laments about the league that gave him a career careening out of control.

¶ Damn. Alabama takes another injury hit.

Moving Pictures and Music

»» Kudos to Oklahoma and Fran Fraschilla’s son, James, for doing a second bout of trick shots in order to raise awareness and money for charity. Best of all, OU opted to sample some Grizzly Bear. Hip move, Sooners.


Being a good fiance and cuing up one of my love’s favorite Christmas tunes. As she elbowed me out of the way during tree decorating this week, she asked if I’d give the Wakeup Call some Josh Groban love as it played amid our ornament-hanging. The man’s got a voice for the season, in addition to being pretty damn funny. This one’s good for Christmas Eve, but I didn’t want to wait. Here’s a classic.

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