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Wakeup Call: A few more follow-ups on Boeheim’s accomplishment

Former UTEP, Texas AM and Kentucky coach Billy Gillispie at Monday night’s game in El Paso. (US Presswire)

Billy Gillispie quietly stopped by the UNLV-UTEP game Monday night. Now, onto the links. A really good selection of hoop reads today. If you go through them all, you’re gonna be a while, so pick wisely.

Around the World

Some of these GIFs are hard to believe, and most of them are funny. || A lovely sociology experiment in the middle of New York City. || Best space pictures of 2012 is a nice way to get yourself a new desktop background. || China: where they plan on flattening mountains in order to build new cities.

Layup Line

¶ Win No. 900 naturally spurred someone to compile Boeheim’s best/worst press conference moments over the years. If only we had video of the stuff from the ’80s. I’m sure there’s a few gems lost to time there.

¶ A look at where other coaches are right now in relation to Boeheim, some young and some old.

¶ Wow. Good work from a rival blog: Casual Hoya runs down Jim Boeheim’s history of players who had run-ins with the law.

¶ Conference realignment has caused Mick Cronin to turn to the next step: pay the players.

¶ And a reaction piece to Cronin’s sentiments can be found here.

¶ This was a huge undertaking, and a great job done by Brendan Prunty.

¶ Jay Wright is thinking the Catholic 7’s new league could be the best hoops league out there. Umm.

¶ Meanwhile, Ed Cooley is predictably pumped about all the changes.

¶ UConn started a scholarship foundation for the Sandy Hook survivors, and Geno Auriemma threw down first, putting up 80 grand toward the cause.

¶ Butler president puts out statement on Catholic 7, doesn’t really give us much to work with here.

¶ Louisville is/was targeting hosting the ACC tournament down the road, but it’s looking like a fat chance for now.

¶ Which undefeated team is gonna be the last to lose? It’s actually a really tough call.

¶ SI.com college hoops writer Andy Glockner has also found a hut in the BuzzFeed house.

¶ It’s a quiet rumble, but Wake Forest fans are continually more perturbed by the situation with their basketball team.

¶ Uh … uh … I have no idea what this is, but I think it’s some sort of food/artistic commentary on the state of the Big East.

Moving Pictures and Music

»» I’ll give it up to the UIC Flames, who’ve made it a habit to do … whatever this is … every holiday season. Props to putting yourself out there, everyone. I’m feeling merry.


You hear Ella Fitzgerald singing holiday tunes and wonder how such a voice, such an icon, isn’t more popular this time of the year, right? This is a great rendition of an otherwise rote Christmas carol. Take us away, Ella.

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