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Your Sports Now: Two Horns Suspended, High School Playoffs Round Two

Thursday afternoon started off with an announcement from the Texas Athletic Department, regarding a one-game suspension of Daje Johnson and Chet Moss. The email from the department read:

“Texas sophomore Daje Johnson and junior Chet Moss have been suspended for the Longhorns game against Texas Tech on Thanksgiving Day for a violation of team rules, Mack Brown said on Thursday.”

At least one will be a big loss against Texas Tech on Thanksgiving, as Johnson holds the second place spot for all purpose yards per game for the Horns, including an 85-yard punt return for a score against O-U. This is Johnson’s second suspension while at UT, he was also suspended for one game in the 2012 season. Moss isn’t as much of a statistical loss, but has contributed primarily on special teams, but Moss has also had disciplinary issues in the past, involving his academics.

On the prep football fields, teams are on to the second round of the playoffs, starting with Vandegrift vs. Alamo Heights at the Alamodome Thursday night. Joaquin Sanchez was out there for the first of the round two action, where Vandegrift lost its footing and couldn’t make it past Alamo Heights.

Here in town, Mike Berman was able to catch up with another coach facing some tough competition this week. Jason Cecil and his McCallum Knights head to San Antonio Friday to face an unbeaten San Antonio Brennan team, who’s only allowed 30 points all season. A huge challenge for the Knights, but one they’re ready for, nonetheless.

“We just gotta do what we’re going to do. We’re not going to change our scheme, we can’t do that, we’re just going to run our stuff. They have some things I think we can take advantage of. I don’t think they’ve seen a quarterback like we have that can run it and create with his legs like we do,” Cecil said Thursday about facing the 11-0 Brennan team.

As Cecil focuses in on his one game, the YNN Sports team took to the round table for an area-wide discussion on the best Cen-Tex playoff games this week. Mike Berman also got a chance to celebrate his victory in the season-long “Friday Forecast” picks.

The YNN Sports team heads out to games in Bryan, San Antonio, Waco, New Braunfels, Huntsville and beyond for the rest of the weekend’s match-ups. All that, plus UT Volleyball defeats WVU for at least a share at the Big 12 title.

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